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Arctic Shirt (navy)



  • Color: Navy
  • 100% cotton with mesh hole structure
  • Perforated mesh holes allow for amazing breathability (holes are 1/16" in diameter)
  • Red lining accents inside of collar and sleeve button stitching

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Walking down the muggy streets of Singapore in the heat of summer gave us all the motivation we needed to create the Arctic shirt – a one-of-a-kind breathable dress shirt with small perforated holes to provide maximum breathability in a unique, uncompromising style.

Made of 100% cotton, our Arctic shirts can stand-alone or function brilliantly when coupled with one of our suits. In this arrangement, our water-resistant suit shields you from the elements, while the dress shirt provides breathable comfort to ensure you won’t be too hot whether you’re in Vegas or Sao Paolo. We guarantee you’ve never worn anything like this. 

Machine washable. Sizing Chart