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About Us

We began making tailored clothing in 2010 because we wanted to create products intended for our tech-crazy, hyper-busy generation. We believe in designing at the intersection of style and performance, so you can wear our pieces at work or when you’re going out with friends. Our vision is to be modern, functional, and always stylish.

At the same time, we felt that the current way of buying clothes sucked – we always hated going around to five different stores each time we wanted to find something to wear. So we’re creating a better, smarter way to buy clothes that fit – both to your body and to the lifestyle that you lead. By taking your measurements, we’ll enable you to buy custom fitted clothes anytime you want, with algorithms that create your perfect fit and provide recommendations for your style.

In our past lives, we’ve built iPods, iPhones, and helped some of the world’s biggest companies innovate in the global economy, and we’re now applying our drive and passion to creating a new way to help guys get dressed. We believe we can help you build a better wardrobe through a mix of data-driven analysis and a personal touch, all from the comfort of your home.

We are relentlessly focused on providing a better fit and on using unique materials and functional designs to improve the state of tailored clothing for modern guys.